5 Reason Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 7

New taskbar

Windows 7 brings plenty of new features that make it easier than ever to get at your programs and files – and the new taskbar is one you’ll use every day. Gone are the endless tabs of older editions of Windows, replaced by an attractive and intuitive graphical display. You can launch applications with a single click, and see what’s running at a glance. The new taskbar has some advanced tricks up its sleeve too, such as Aero Peek: hover over the icon of a running program and you’ll see live previews of all of its open windows, making it easy to jump straight to the document you’re looking for. Jump Lists let you control programs and open files directly from the taskbar. It’s all designed to help you get things done more quickly and efficiently than ever

Peak performances

Windows 7 is a sophisticated operating system, with an incredible wealth of features. Yet it still feels nimble and responsive, even when running on hardware that’s a few years old. That’s a testament to its design, which emphasizes ease of use. Impressively, Windows 7 is actually more responsive than Windows Vista, its predecessor. When that version of Windows was released, some felt its new features caused the operating system to feel slow – but in Windows 7 those concerns are a thing of the past. So it’s a great upgrade even if your PC isn’t the most powerful computer in the world.

Sound security

Windows 7 is designed for the internet age, and that means keeping you safe. User Account Control, first seen in Windows Vista, has been improved so as to alert you before anything untoward happens on your PC – without constantly bugging you. The integrated Firewall keeps you safe from online attacks. Windows 7 also comes with access to a great selection of free applications: Microsoft Security Essentials is a fully featured antivirus program that can prevent malicious software from messing with your system, while Windows Live Family Safety ensures your children aren’t exposing themselves to inappropriate content on the web – nor exposing your computer to potentially dangerous websites. Familiar features such as System Restore are still here too, so you can easily rescue your system if disaster does strike. So if you want to find windows 7 professional product key you can click here .


Windows has long been focused on entertainment, and Windows 7 brings a range of updates that make it ideal as a personal entertainment centre. The jewel in the crown is Windows Media Center, which can now act as a hub for Free view and satellite services, even in high definition. Windows Media Player has been upgraded too, with new streaming features so you don’t need to keep your PC in the front room to enjoy your media on the big screen

Windows your way

Windows 7 is not only powerful – it’s flexible too. It’s easy to customize almost every aspect of the operating system, from your desktop wallpaper and sounds to the way colors and text appear on your monitor and the way you connect to networks. Themes make it easy to apply a coherent look to your desktop, including high-quality photographic backgrounds and complementary color schemes. You can also easily create separate user accounts for different people, so everyone can have their own personal Windows 7 experience. All through this MagBook, we’ll show you ways to personalize Windows 7’s many features to suit the way you work and play.

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